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Paints Industry:

With The Passage of Time Paints Industries have grown very Fast. in Pakistan . Construction in Pakistan has make a huge Boon in Paints industries. People buy Paints for their house , offices and other structures to protect their walls from Dust and For enhancing overall looks by using colourful paints for their Buildings.

Types of Paints:

Decorative Paints
Industrial Paints
Auto Finish Paints
Powder Coating Paints
Stoving Paints
NC Paints


To Provide the Best Paint Quality in Pakistan.


To be the Number 1 Paint brand in Pakistan.


We have Already trade Paint Chemicals for last 43 Years thats why we have better connections and Knowledge about Paint Manufacturing in Pakistan.


As such we have no weakness but our Industry totally Depend on Imported Items so Dollar increase can create little problems for our customer when we increased our Rates.


We have not Started car paints Till yet so there a lot Scope for Automative Finish . With the Passage of time the increase of car manufactures in Pakistan it will Create a good consumption in car paints also. We can in source many of Products instead of outsourcing We can make our Acrylic Binder that Also used as Paint Chemicals. We Can make Resin that can used in our Oil based Paints. We can make Plastic Gallon also in which we fill our Paints. We can make our shade cards from which Customers Select our paints. We can make empty Carton in future in which we packed our finished Goods gallons.


With the Passage of Time more Competition is arising.

Market overview:

Sunrise Paints Company is working in Decorative Industry in Paints. The Major Goal of this industry to provide Paints for interior and Exterior Of buildings. Paints industry has make exceptional Growths in Pakistan because of Modernisation. Colonisation has also make boom to Paints Industries. People Selects Paints to Protects their walls and for overall Enhancement of their Walls by selection colourful choice for their walls. Paints Consumptions is increasing with the increasing of Construction Sector.

Contribution to Economy:

We are exporting Paints in different cities Afghanistan Like Kabul, Jalalabad. As we are Exporter that plays an important role in Boosting our economy. Paints industries plays a significant role in enhancement of economy. Because Constructional sector is directly proportional to Paint industry When ever there is increase in constructional section then there will also increase in Paint industries also. These two industries use lot of men power for their work so when we hire people for Manufacturing or Painters that are hired by our Consumers that apply Paints in their homes in this way Many painters home can runs from this Process.

Potential of industry:

Paint Industry have a very Good potential in the market. With the Passage of time Increase in the Population of Pakistan People shift towards Modrenaization and big cities. Construction in our Country plays an important role to meet people needs. and it also increases the Demand of Paints supply in the Market. With the increase of Automative industries in Pakistan car paint demand also Increases that helps us to enhance the Paint industry.


Like most of Fields paints industries has also faces a lot of Competitions but it helps us to make our Product more competitive and better for our customers. It helps us to always update our quality from other it means to maintain a good qualities compare to our competitors.

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SRP is led by a management which is inspired by the vision of its founding chairman; an entrepreneur of the highest calibre who embodies fifteen years of experience in paint.