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  • Special Emulsion.
  • Semi Plastic Emulsion.
  • Plastic Emulsion.
  • Water Matt Emulsion.
  • Stain Free Emulsion.
  • Weather All.
  • Sheesha Putty.
  • Extrerior Filling.
  • Texture Finish.
  • Wall Filling
  • Gold Filling.
  • Enamel
  • Metallic
  • Matt Enamel
  • Under Coat
  • Red Oxide primer
  • Wall Sealer
  • Gold Wall Sealer
  • Gold Emulsion
  • Gold Weather
  • Water base Primer
  • Gold Water Base Primer
  • Silver Water Base Primer
  • Aluminium Finish
  • Thinner
  • Lacquer
  • Elfy Varnish
  • Matt Elfy Varnish
  • Synthetic Varnish
  • Matt Lacquer
  • Sanding Sealer
  • Poly Eurathene Varnish
  • Gold Elfy varnish
  • Contractoe emulsion
  • Contractor Filling


The key benefit of high quality Sunrise Paint is the fact that it delivers the best value for money because of the superior performance it offers in many areas. The main benefits are listed below:

  • Prevents paint from bacterial and fungus growth
  • Life of the paint is double as compared to conventional paint
  • Prevents cracking effects
  • Easier to Clean helps remove stains easily
  • High Hydrophobic properties
  • Better Coverage
  • Slip & Mar Resistant
  • Lasting Colour
  • Easier to Apply, Smoother Appearance
  • Superior Durability and Protection
  • High film flexibility
  • Superior Durability and Protection
  • Block Resistance
  • Dirt Pick-up Resistance
  • High Weather Resistant
  • Environment friendly

Professional painting services is a great way to maintain your property and protect your investment!
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SRP is led by a management which is inspired by the vision of its founding chairman; an entrepreneur of the highest calibre who embodies fifteen years of experience in paint.