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Sunrise Paints Company was founded in 2009. It has started its business from very Initial Level. Firstly we have Started a Small shop Named as Fine Chemical At shalmi Circular Road In 1980. It Basic purpose its to Provide Best Quality Chemicals for Paint Manufacturing with the passage of time Fine chemical has made Good name in Paint market then we try to Expand and the reason that help us to expand more easily is that we have already a good name in paint market so that we Decided to come in paint manufacturing in 2009 with best wishes to give our customers best quality Paints.


Sunrise Paints is one of Pakistan's leading suppliers of industrial and aerospace coatings with a strong position in decorative and architectural coatings, too. The brand has a long history however in Pakistan it started its production in year 2008. In very short period of time company has made its good reputation and clients nationwide. Since beginning Sunrise Paints has been dedicated to bringing customers the latest innovations, the finest quality, and the best customer service in the coatings industry. Sunrise strength lie in its strong technical knowledge, experienced staff,
well equipped test lab and sustained investment in R&D. Sunrise Paints has a strong desire to become the preferred Paint Partner of all of its customers in Pakistan and worldwide. Its products are tested from laboratories like PCSIR and are always compliant to relevant international standards and specifications. Quality and Environmental Policies: We strive to achieve:

• Excellent product quality
• High customer satisfaction
• Knowledge and competence in operational sectors
• Environmentally responsible and friendly manufacturing processes
• Safety and security of our personnel


Sunrise paints company has 12 years of Experience in Manufacturing paints. Sunrise paints company is well known for its quality and best services providing for its customer. We have make remarkable growth in paints in industry in last Decade and win the title of fastest growing paint company in local market. Sunrise Paints Deals in all types of Decorative paints that are Consumed for interior and exterior in construction and Renovation.

Nature Of Business:

Our Business Models Works in a manner where we used Imported Raw material and combine them in a mixture where its Mixed and Blend in a normal room temperature and Produced our Finished Goods and then its ready for Packing thats Done by a filling Machine that Automatically weight our Paints And fill in Gallons and drums. Some Of our Paints are Grind by Grinding Machines that are used for oil Base Paints.


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9 km Sheikhupura Road, khaaki Bazaar, Lahore.
Near Munshi Hospital Band road Adjusent Plaza name Fine Chemicals.
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SRP is led by a management which is inspired by the vision of its founding chairman; an entrepreneur of the highest calibre who embodies fifteen years of experience in paint.